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  • Mon 3rd Oct 2016 - 8:24am

    Survivability services are those services used to detect, predict, prevent failures, and support recovery from system failures. Design of physical structures such as bridges, buildings, and roadways demands the inclusion of the self-managing properties in the fabric of each structure to ensure survival. To survive, a system needs to possess four self-managing The Lost Ways properties. These include (i) self-configuring--the ability to automatically adapt to changes in the environment; (ii) self-healing--the ability to detect, diagnose, and react to disruptions; (iii) self-optimizing--the ability to automatically optimize resource usage to meet user needs; and (iv) self-protecting--the ability to anticipate/predict, detect, identify, and protect the system from disruptions.

    Every system must provide an optimum service level during normal operations. The same system must also be able to provide essential services when its components fail due to malicious attacks or major disasters. Therefore, decision makers need to integrate the four self-managing properties into the design and usage/operations of a product (e.g., a bridge, a building or an aircraft), a process, or a business model. If at middle age, you are aging ungraciously, it is likely that for decades you have been signaling your body, and brain to survive by becoming depressed: if you are chronically stressed, physically, or mentally, you have created a low grade state of depression in your body as a healthy, adaptive response to what is understands as your ultimate survival challenge.(If you suffer from depression, you can turn your take a look at your lifestyle survival strategies, and make different choices.


  • Mon 17th Jul 2017 - 8:17pm

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