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  • Sun 10th Sep 2017 - 7:23am

    Having a healthy and ideal body is the desire of almost everyone. In order to get it, it takes a good dietary regulation and regular exercise. However, sometimes sports activities can be hindered by other occupations or unfavorable weather conditions. One of the practical and efficient sports that can be done is to do a run on the spot.

    Running is a sport activity that resembles running by moving the legs but not moving. This activity is quite practical because it can be done anywhere and anytime without being linked to weather conditions while you have time. You just need a pair of shoes to do this physical activity. Then, how to do a running exercise in this place? Here is how.

    How to do a run on the spot

    To do a run in place, the way is very easy. To do so, please do run in place for 5-10 minutes and rest for 60 seconds to set the breath and pause then do as much as 3 sets.

    The method that can be done to run on the spot is the method of butt kick and high knee.

    The butt kick method is done by standing upright with both hands clasped and lifted upwards then right leg back to the heels until it almost touches the buttocks.
    The high knee method is performed by starting with standing in a straight and relaxed state. Then do the running motion in place by lifting the knee as high as the stomach.

    The Benefits of Running Place

    After we discuss about understanding and how to run on the spot, let's explore the benefits we can gain from doing physical activity on the run.

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    Help burn calories

    Just like running in the field, running on the spot is also a physical exercise that can help burn your body calories. Although needed for the body, but excessive calories that can cause obesity. For that, for those of you who want to lose weight in a practical way then it never hurts to try to practice running on the spot regularly.

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