• Sun 23rd Sep 2018 - 10:18am

    bio x keto Keep your pace fast by supporting the inside of your feet for 25 feet and then the outside. * Then do the skipping, very fast: complete 25 m of running by hitting the heels in the buttocks and the other 25 m of running, raising your knees a lot. When finished, repeat everything. * Add 1 min jumping run, with large strides, jumping instantly while landing. Increase the amplitude of the strides as you improve. * Make 30s of fast running, with very wide strides. * At the last minute of the 10 warm-up, trot again at a moderate pace, a little faster than it started. See on the next page how to do half-hour rendering 2. Half an hour to render After warming up, it's time to do the intense part of your workout. You can choose between different routines, depending on your physical condition and your purpose.

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