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  • Thu 4th Oct 2018 - 8:34am

    If you are experiencing screen flickering issue or issues like blue screen of death or black screen error in your acer laptop then try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. You can even contact technical support executives of acer support through their toll-free helpline number and get all the issues in your acer device fixed through remote control technique without having to worry about doing anything. Screen flickering issue can be caused by the presence of an incompatible app or outdated display driver. It could also be the result of loose screen cable or damage in the cable.

    For determining whether the issue of flickering screen is caused by an app or a driver, you have to check if the task manager also flickers. Press the ctrl+ shift+ Esc keys simultaneously on the keyboard to open the task manager or you can also select it through the programs menu which appears by clicking the start button present in the lower left corner of the screen or either with the help of acer customer service.

    In case the task manager is not flickering, the issue is caused by an incompatible app and it could be fixed by updating the app which in most cases are Norton AV, iCloud and IDT audio. Data Align acer product support technicians can not only fix your issue but they can also guide you through every technical detail.

    Problems faced by ACER customers:

                 BIOS update

                 Virus Removal Issues solved by support acer.

                 Data Backup and Transfer

    You can get to the conclusion that the screen is flickering due to the display driver, if the task manager does flicker. For fixing this issue, open your acer laptop or pc in the safe mode, uninstall the display adaptor and then download driver updates. For checking for driver update availability, go to the windows update option in the update and security menu of the settings. Call for assistance at your home on the toll-free number by acer computer support professionals.

    Acer support can also be contacted for other screen issues faced in acer laptops and pc like blue screen of death and black or blank screen issue. In case you are facing blue screen issue or the less common black screen issue in your acer laptop then try to resolve it by updating your drivers, scan the pc with windows defender offline for presence of malware or start the pc in safe mode with the help of acer technical support.

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