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  • Thu 19th Apr 2018 - 7:59am

    The scholarship reductionmay hit the university particularly hard; when it osrs gold raised tuition in May, provost Thomas Chase told the Regina Leader Post that the U of R tries to that increase as modest as possible while returning as much of it as possible to students in the forms of scholarships.


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    At the very least provide a law which is being broken, you won find one. It has been proven through video editors who show how and by Mod Ronan himself. Second of all these two cunts don come close to the richest person on RS. I think we can all agree that the effects of mass botting upon the game are harmful.

    Bots crowd out scarce resources, such as dragon bones and mithril ore, while at the same time devaluing them due to excessive supply, making it more difficult in two ways for legitimate players to earn money or train skills. Non scarce resources, such as fish, are still affected by the oversupply.

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