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    Fixed Npc hits, used to bring up the shield. Emily hasn done stuff, some related osrs gold to rsps and some not. + my 562. lines of code when compiled, or how one way of. or the misc class from the majority of RSPS bases. This will determine which way your object will face.


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    If your laptop has both a dedicated and on board graphics processor installed, they often default to using the on board card as a power saving mechanism. Making sure that your Laptop is plugged in when you're trying to play should force your system to use the dedicated graphics card when playing RuneScape or any other games. If you want your system to use the dedicated card when it's not plugged into the mains, then following the steps below should do the trick.


    Depends on what you like to do I guess. Guild Wars is nice for quick levels, not too much grinding, but the social aspect is lacking IMO. WoW is really big, I like the game, but they have alot of server issues. Everquest II, probably not a good idea unless you were into EQ1. Lineage II is fun, but UBER grinding at the higher levels. PvP in Lineage II is fun.

    MMO is one of those gaming terms that can mean the world to some, and nothing to others. It stands for Massively Multiplayer Online, and is usually used to refer to the full acronym of MMORPG, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. They're video games where people play online together, typically growing characters together in guilds, completing quests and slaying baddies.

    You will need to make the string however. This is done by spinning flax that can be found south of the Seers Village, according to the Global Runescape website. The higher the quality of the wood used to make a bow and arrow, the higher quality the end product will be.

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