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  • Fri 14th Sep 2018 - 8:51am

    Next year's Kingdom Hearts III is a very different type of frantically awaited JRPG, as it will be Buy Deadman winter Season Gold packed full of Disney characters, thereby combining two of the most feverishly committed fanbases in pop culture history. Bandai Namco's Code Vein, with its vampire aesthetics, will be a very different type, and looks and feels pretty similar to FromSoftware's Dark Souls franchise.

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    The article discusses the rise in sexual activity among 12 to 14 year old children. Research has revealed that this age group is less likely to use birth control for a variety of obvious reasons. One of the reasons, as it turns out, might be because condoms are made for adults! (I sorry. Am I yelling?)

    There are two main types of zombies seen today; the Infected and the Necromantic. Occasionally, a vodou zombie will make an appearance, but this is comparatively rare. This disease causes the zombies to both want to eat the flesh (and sometimes the brains) of any surviving humans. Being bitten by an infected zombie (a manner of transmission strongly reminiscent to the spread of vampirism) will cause the bitten human to also be infected, eventually resulting in them also becoming a zombie.

    Ah, I see. I agree with you on that, Cap'n. I wasn't even aware that it was being considered. I think they had a bit of ground on a couple ones, but there were a few that deserved to stay. Good info was deleted, and we don't have space for it here on the main article. Sticky problem, eh? Jump! Slash! Dash! Ouch! Super Mario SonicBOOM! 20:11, 27 November 2007 (UTC)

    There will always be Barbie. Strong holiday demand for everyone's favorite doll helped push Mattel's fourth quarter profit up a better than expected 14%. sales dipped and weakness continued at its Fisher Price unit. The holiday quarter is crucial for toy makers, who can make up to half of their annual sales during the period. Mattel, which is the No. toy maker, says its net income rose to $370.6 million for the period ended Dec. 31.

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