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  • Wed 25th Nov 2020 - 10:30pm

    If your aim is to improve your aptitude and knowledge base in a particular field, all education pertaining to this subject will useful. If this statement is assumed true, then the benefits afforded by private tuition are enormous. You will have the advantage of a whole teacher to yourself, with their lesson plans and strategies of teaching designed just for you! It seems impossible to doubt the enormous benefits this will offer. In a classroom, one teacher may be faced with around thirty pupils, each with different abilities, different rates of learning, and individual strengths and weaknesses; yet despite this, for the majority of the lesson, the teacher will be forced to treat his class as if it contained just one student. He or she will orate from one end of the classroom, unable to gauge how effectively each pupil is assimilating the lesson. The lesson plans will be designed to fit the needs of the average pupil; and the teacher will proceed at a rate suitable for the average pupil.

    At Tutor2you, we provide complimentary diagnostics assessments to pinpoint knowledge gaps and provide customized recommendations, no lock-in contracts, and cancellation fees.
    We have well trained and certified in-home tutors in Norman Parktutors in Collingwoodtutors in Narre Warren. If your child required some additional support, we’re here to help. Visit our web-page for more.
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